Hello, World!

Yes, I really did go to this beautiful place.



Hi, I'm Ernie. Besides sometimes going to beautiful places, I do web and database development in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. To get to work, and for fun, I walk. A lot. I have a remarkable wife, Rachel, and a fine stepson, Duncan. When not walking or at work, I like to spend time with my family, exercise, do home-improvement projects, be outdoors, and read.


May (2016) a kiss (2014) Mother's Day (2012) Christmas in Hawaii (2011) Hiking (2010) Hawaii (2008) Dancing (2007) Edision WA snowfall (2006) At the Oregon Coast (2005) Wedding (2004) Oregon coast (2003) Marblemount, WA (2001) Seattle (2000) Sailing (1992) Colorado Rockies (1991) Portrait (1988) College (1980) Mom and Dad (1980s) South Farms (1979) Science Fair (1977) Grads (1973) Seventh grade (1971) Lou graduation (1969) Easy rider (1962) Christening (1959) Parents wedding Father (1942) Grandfather (before 1908)